"Fatally missing registry entries"

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  • IM experiencing this error way to much. So, the issue. So when I start the server, my friend is able to join my server with no issue but I can't. I always get the "fatally missing registry entries" error and after multiple times trying to enter the server, the error would change to an internal error related to the recipe "wheat". I just want to play peacefully with my friend on my server but I am unable to. Please try to help me out and handing out a few solutions that may work.

    I have 31 mods active.

    All have the same version as the servers mods.

    Reminder: My friend can join without hassle except for me.

    Server: Forge


    Error of conflict: "Internal error" and "Fatally missing registry entries".

  • Just share your client log

    1. open your minecraft installation path
    (enter %appdata%/.minecraft in the file explorer )
    2. open the logs folder
    3. open the "latest" or "latest.log" file with a text editor
    4. copy and paste the content of the file to https://mclo.gs/
    5. send the link here

    :aternos: Hello Everyone :aternos:

  • Quote

    Attempting connection with missing mods [otgcore, animania, craftstudioapi, tmt, reevess_furniture_mod]

    It says this on the log

    are these mods having the same version on client and server side

    find my name

    (hint: 69|68|87|73|78)

  • I have reevess_furniture_mod, Animania (Animania Base), and Craftstudioapi. They have the same version on both sides. Server and client. Only issue is OTG core is not on the server. But I still have it in my mods folder. Or am I missing something. And I have no clue what "tmt" is. Please tell me what mod that is because I have no clue.

  • idk it says some mod called tmt is on your client and not on server ig


    Any ways all the mods i mentioned above are not compactible ig. try removing them and re adding them with same version.

    for the server to let you in all the mods on your pc should be there on the server and vice versa. the error fatally missing entries mean they both dont match.

    find my name

    (hint: 69|68|87|73|78)

  • Yeah I know. Both the severs and clients mods aren't compatible. I'll try this tomorrow and I will write down the results and see if it worked. Anyways, thanks for helping. I hope this will work.

  • Try deleting the mods listed in this message



    Attempting connection with missing mods [minecraft, mcp, FML, forge, otgcore,obfuscate, animania, bibliocraft, clothingmodbetav04bytitoo8899, configuration, craftstudioapi, customnpcs, cdm, fcl, tmt, furenikusroads, cfm, the_hospital_mod, hospitalmodtheatrepackalpha, mts, jojobizadv, moreplayermodels, mtsofficialpack, harvestcraft, pubgmc, reevess_furniture_mod, scm, unucivil, unuparts, worldedit, immersiveengineering] at SERVER

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  • I do. But if I reinstall the mods and place the backup again, will that just replace the mods with the mods that are on the backup?

  • No, if you change something on the server, the backup will remain as is

    1st option: Make a backup, delete the mods, restart your server, and check if the error occurs

    2nd option: Make a backup, delete the mods, reinstall them in the same version, restart your server, and check if the error occurs

    Hope this helps :thumbup:

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