Internal Exception: java.lang.StackOverflowError (Reupload)

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  • So I'm having the error above for some time. When I join my aternos server it all works. I can attack mobs but when I attack monsters or entities it gives me that error ( for example I attack a zombie and it kicks me from the server giving me the error), after I get kicked the server shows me that it has crashed. Please help me with this.

    PS. I think this error could also occur because I used the ENCHANTING COMMANDS mod to enchant a gun from cgm for fun to a 130 something level on it (speed and ammo capacity) after I shot a spider with it the server crashed and every time I joined, it would crash a couple of times after I deleted the guns that were enchanted it worked. Then I found out that it kicks me while i'm attacking entities. Hope this can help.



    1. Security Craft v1.9.2

    2. Wildfire Female Gender Mod v2.8

    3. additional guns v0.6.1

    4. Animalia v2.1.2

    5. appleskin v2.4.0

    6. architectury v1.32.63

    7. biggerstacks v2.1

    8. carry on v1.15.5.22

    9. CasinoCraft v15

    10. cfm- 7.0.0pre22 (crayfish furniture)

    11. cgm v1.2.6 ( crayfish gun)

    12. cloth config v4.14.64

    13. collective v4.30

    14. CosmeticArmorReworked v5

    15. CustomNPCs v1.16.5.20220515

    16. Doggy Talents v2.1.15

    17. enchanting commands v2.1

    18. Good Ol' Currency v Beta 0.0.1

    19. growth 1.1 (which gets transformed into growth v 1.0 SNAPSHOT(

    20. Health Canisters v1.2.2

    21. jei v7.7.1.152 ( just enough items)

    22. lemonlib v1.4.3

    23. Lucky77 v01

    24. modernlife v1.51

    25. modular enchantments v0.1.3.1

    26. nfm v2022.02.01 (nosiphus furniture)

    27. obfuscate v0.6.3

    28. Pizza Craft v3.0.8

    29. quick harvest v1.5.1

    30. Roleplay plus v1.0.5

    31. scuba gear v1.0.3

    32. Skyblock Enchantments v1.5FIX2

    33. smartphone v1.2.0

    34. stackableeverything v1.0

    35. supertools v4.5

    36. traffic plus v1.2.0

    37. traffic control ps roads v3.0.0

    38. u team core v3.2.1.215

    39. useful backpacks v1.21.1.90

    40. vehicle mod ( crayfish vehicle mod) v0.45.2

    41. voicechat forge v2.2.43

    42. worldedit v7.2.5 dist

    43. Xaeros minimap v22.9.3

    44. Xaeros worldmap v1.23.3

    45. xl food mod v1.2.0