Server stuck on encrypting

  • Hey! I downloaded a world from my server to change some things in the world in singleplayer but whenever i try to upload the edited world back onto the server and try to join the server, the server gets stuck on ecrypting. It doesnt even crash after sometime or anything its just there stuck on encrypting and it wont let me in. I tried reinstalling the server, re-adding mods and many other things but its still the same. It worked the first time when i uploaded a world from singleplayer to the server tho which makes no sense. If anyone can help me with this i would really appreciate it ^^

    Here is the log if it helps:

    Kind regards, Aminzo

  • never mind i solved it already!! If anyone else is having problems like that make a world in singleplayer and then just insert the poi, data and region files from the world you wanted to upload to the server into this new singleplayer world and then try uploading it onto your server and it should work!