"Fatally missing registry entries"

  • I keep getting this error when trying to log in to my server, and when my friend tried, she got the error too. The server is supposed to have 178 mods but it says only 177 mods, how do I fix this?

    Server: Forge

    Version: 1.12.2

    Modpack: Towncraft

    Error: fatally missing registry entries

    Logs: https://mclo.gs/F4cTTvL

    • Official Post

    The error message "fatally missing registry entries" typically appears when the installed mods on the player's computer do not match the installed mods on the server.

    For modded servers, players must have the exact same mod collection installed on their computer as the server.

    It is important that the version of the installed mods is identical as well as the version of Forge itself!

    If you have so called client-only or server-only mods installed, it may help to temporarily remove them.