[Modpack Request] InsaneVanilla++

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  • Aternos Team,
    could you please consider adding the Modpack "InsaneVanilla++"?
    Link to the modpack: https://mods.curse.com/modpack…raft/265397-insanevanilla
    InsaneVanilla++ is a modpack downloadable on Curse and is used in a popular minecraft series on YouTube among some popular YouTubers such as LDShadowLady and friends, the series is called OneLife where the aim is to survive without dying and if you die you are banned from the server and another YouTuber takes their place on the server. I would like to ad it to my server so other people have the chance to play it in the same way as YouTubers. It includes already known mods, such as Biomes o' Plenty and Pam's HarvestCraft and combines these with new unique mods such as BloodMoon (which creates the challenge of not being able to sleep for a night and mobs spawn in groups at a very fast rate) and Baby Mobs (which takes mobs such as the creeper or spider and spawns baby versions, a bit cuter but just as dangerous as the big, original versions themselves).
    Thank you for your time!! <3