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  • Well i found out that some servers are laggy with even 5 players so i decided to start making blog about tips how to improve your server performance sadly i made tips only for papermc software so if you want to motivate me about that leave something ;)


    Basic : anti-xray:

    enabled: false

    Optimized : anti-xray:

    enabled: false

    Impact (Minor)

    If set to true server will hide ores from players what are using x ray

    Basic : engine-mode: 1

    Optimized : engine-mode: 1

    Impact (Minor)

    If you have x ray enabled there is 2 engines modes Example : Anti-Xray Engine Modes but if you want your server less lagy don't use anit xray option

    Basic : keep-spawn-loaded: true

    Optimized : keep-spawn-loaded: false

    Impact (Medium)

    This keeps spawn always loaded if you don't want to disable this u can change keep-spawn-loaded-range: 8 to lower values

    Basic : delay-chunk-unloads-by: 10s

    Optimized : delay-chunk-unloads-by: 6s

    Impact (Medium)

    Delays chunk unloads by the specified time

    Basic : entity-per-chunk-save-limit:

    arrow: -1

    ender_pearl: -1

    experience_orb: -1

    fireball: -1

    small_fireball: -1

    snowball: -1

    Optimized : entity-per-chunk-save-limit:

    arrow: 10

    ender_pearl: 10

    experience_orb: 10

    fireball: 10

    small_fireball: 10

    snowball: 10

    Impact (Medium)

    That depends on how much items will be saved per chunk for big servers u should set that to any value between 10 - 30 in order to decrease lag

    You can find more about that there http://opt.pickaxe.tk