Plugins with modpacks

  • Hi :) New to these forums so I'm sorry if this is in the wrong place or already answered elsewhere (if so, please redirect me).
    Recently my friends and I have started playing SkyFactory 3 (3.0.15), and we absolutely love it! In the past I have dabbled in vanilla bukkit servers, and those are easy enough to add plugins to, however I find myself unsure of how to add plugins onto our modpack server.
    I assume it's the same process of going into the plugins section and selecting the ones I want and that are compatible, however, I don't know what to look for. What I mean is, do I look for bukkit plugins? Spigot? How do I go about searching for appropriate plugins?
    I'm sorry if this didn't make much sense, but I'm in need of help, so any would be appreciated, cheers!

  • You can not add plugins to modpacks out of the box.

    To run plugins in modpacks a special server software ist required. Sponge or Cauldron for example.

    Cauldron has been discontinued and Sponge is not released yet/still in beta.
    Also we only add mod packs in their official configuration as they are distributed by the author. That means that we don't change the server version to e. G. Cauldron. This would decrease the stability of the mod packs.

    We already have some modpacks which run with Cauldron out of the box.