[A Shared Experience] ⚡Power Points (KitPvP/BoxPvP custom feature) - Full Setup Guide

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    + This will replace your current EssentialsX economy (your current /bal with Power). Please don't use this if you have any currency plugins in progress, such as currency to use /shop for example! Reset every in-game money/cash before proceeding!

    + Any questions regarding changing the whole setup configuration will be ignored!

        YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! Now, let's get started!

    Step 1: Preparation
    - Install these 8 plugins: PlaceholderAPI, PvPManager, ProtocolLib (1.19.4 is available), AnnouncerPlus, ConditionalEvents MyCommand, EssentialsX, Vault, LuckPerms, LPC, ConsoleSpamFix

    Step 2: Basic Setup for other plugins aside from MyCommands
    - For PlaceholderAPI: Type these following commands (10 expansions):
    /papi ecloud download <Player / Vault / Armor / Essentials / Math / LuckPerms / OtherPlayer / ParseOther / CheckItem>

    Type like this: /papi ecloud download Player , /papi ecloud download Vault , etc..., and not the whole GREEN command that I made up, and /papi reload

    - For PvPManager: See Step 4

    - For LPC, see Step 5

    - For LuckPerms, see Step 6

    - For EssentialsX: See Step 7

    - For ConsoleSpamFix: See Step 8

    Step 3: MyCommand Setup

    - For MyCommand script, see my Pastebin

    - In config.yml, find EXTRA_LISTENER (faster with Ctrl + F inside configuration box) and set to true

    - In playerevents.yml, find PlayerDeath and replace with text below:

    Code: playerevents.yml
      active_on_kill: true
      active_on_death: false
      prevent_suicide: true
      ignore_env_or_mobs_deathcause: true
      - '///plvlidcondition $killer $killed_player'

    Step 4: PvPManager Setup:

    - Allow these commands in Command List in config.yml (faster with Ctrl + F)

    - To prevent any possible power/currency grinding, we must have an anti-abuse: config.yml, find Kill Abuse, replace these below (faster with Ctrl + F)

    Kill Abuse:
      Enabled: true
      Max Kills: 5
      Time Limit: 120
      Commands on Abuse:
      - '//plvlpwd killabusepwd <player>'
      Respawn Protection: 3

    Step 5: LPC Setup:

    - In case you're stuck with the basic configuration, Take a look! (config.yml)

    - In LPC, if you set display rank with the permission displayname.<displayrank> in LuckPerms, you HAVE to add that display name, not group name!

      Incandescent: '&8[&e%vault_eco_balance_fixed% &6&l⚡&8] {prefix}{displayname}{suffix}&7: {message-color}{message}'
      Luminescent: '&8[&e%vault_eco_balance_fixed% &6&l⚡&8] {prefix}{displayname}{suffix}&7: {message-color}{message}'
      Fluroscent: '&8[&e%vault_eco_balance_fixed% &6&l⚡&8] {prefix}{displayname}{suffix}&7: {message-color}{message}'
      Radiant: '&8[&e%vault_eco_balance_fixed% &6&l⚡&8] {prefix}{displayname}{suffix}&7: {message-color}{message}'
      Twilight: '&8[&e%vault_eco_balance_fixed% &6&l⚡&8] {prefix}{displayname}{suffix}&7: {message-color}{message}'
      Sparkle: '&8[&e%vault_eco_balance_fixed% &6&l⚡&8] {prefix}{displayname}{suffix}&7: {message-color}{message}'
      Glimmer: '&8[&e%vault_eco_balance_fixed% &6&l⚡&8] {prefix}{displayname}{suffix}&7: &f{message-color}{message}'

    Step 6: LuckPerms Setup:

    - Simply create ranks & setup permissions as you create usual ranks, but for the tutorial, add these group & display name permission:

    glimmer -> displayname.Glimmer , sparkle -> displayname.Sparkle , twilight -> displayname.Twilight , radiant -> displayname.Radiant , fluroscent -> displayname.Fluroscent , luminescent -> displayname.Luminescent

    - To add message color, add this permission: meta.message-color.<message_color> (can be &f, &FFFFFF)

    Step 7: EssentialsX Setup:

    - Go to config.yml, set min-money: 0 (faster with Ctrl + F), default is -10000 & currency-symbol: '⚡'

    - Go to Essentials's Files & create a file called messages_en.properties.

    - To find the content of this file, download EssentialsX.jar, open it with WinRAR, copy the whole text from messages_en.properties (WinRAR) to messages_en.properties (Aternos), after that, go to that file in Aternos, find these 4 & change these messages to your desire!

    addedToAccount=§6§lPower §8| §f{0} §6§l⚡ §ehas been added to your account.
    addedToOthersAccount=§6§lPower §8| §f{0} §6§l⚡ §ewas added to {1}§e account. New power value §f\: {2} §6§l⚡
    setBal=§6§lPower §8| §eYour power was set back to §f{0}§6§l⚡
    takenFromAccount=§6§lPower §8| §f{0} §6§l⚡ §ewas taken from your account.

    Step 8: ConsoleSpamFix Setup (optional):

    - To prevent ///plvlid... spamming in your console/log, especially when you share log; go to config.yml, and add these messages below:

    - 'mycmd-'
    - 'plvl'

    Step 9: Restart your server! (REQUIRED)

    Now you have completed the setup! Well done! Here are some notes:

    + You can replace the word "plvl" to something else! Simply Ctrl + F, change the word "plvl" to something like "mypowerlvl" and press "Replace All"

    + To view all possible commands, type /plvl help

    + To display Powers in scoreboard & tablist, use the placeholder %vault_eco_balance_fixed%

    + Screenshots are in the attachments! Click me to view the Preview video!

    Hope you can create a fun KitPvP / BoxPvP server!