Request own modpack called Linto on technic launcher

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  • My modpack called Linto is a modpack based on the Modpack called zoo crafting which has been started by the youtuber seri pixel biologist!

    Here is the link to her youtube channel
    It is a modpack based around building a zoo but it could also be used as an farming modpack!

    Anyway Thanks for reading this!





    little maids



    plant mega pack

    garden stuff


    rei’s minimap

    apple milk tea

    maple tree

    fluidity foodstuffs

    doggy talents

    copious dogs

    custom npc

    mo creatures and custom mob



    da vincing

    exotic birds

    zoo crafting

    pams harvestcraft

    butterfly mania

    ran craft penguins

    biomes o plenty

    enchanting plus

    multi page chest

    mo chickens

    wild caves

    twilight forest

    paleo craft

    build craft

    biome wand



    ocean craft

    fantastic fish

    Link to my modpack

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