[Plugin Request] UHC-Remake [BungeeCord] [1.8 | 1.9] [MySQL Support] Holograms Titles, Scoreboards & much more 2.8.1

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  • Hi Aternos Team!, i´m here, helping in the plugins meeting for 1.8

    Can you please add this?

    Plugin name:UHC-Remake [BungeeCord] [1.8 | 1.9] [MySQL Support] Holograms Titles, Scoreboards & much more 2.8.1

    Plugin link: https://www.spigotmc.org/resou…reboards-much-more.18997/

    Informations :

    • Bungeecord support.
    • Over / Nether world reset.
    • Beautiful teams inventory / armorstands.
    • Configurable Team GUI (see wiki for that).
    • No limit of players per team.
    • Nice animated anti flicker scoreboard system (configureable).
    • Moving scoreboard texts.
    • Preconfigured configs.
    • Innovative world border.
    • Shrinking ,speed and size of worldborder configureable.
    • Achievements
    • Custom chat ranks (depend on kills, wins, points)
    • Buy, preview and create custom kits.
    • 99 Scenarios, where if you enabled them 1 is played every round (see here to have a list of them).
    • Scenario Voting
    • All messages are configureable.
    • Kills, deaths, coins, points, rank, games, wins, kill-death-rate stats system.
    • NPC (Non player character) who shows your stats above his head.
    • 2 Types of Backend (MySQL or File).
    • Custom MOTDs for different states of the game.
    • Custom location for Deathmatch (can be own world etc.).
    • Make the lobby a schematic with the included schematic system (just put take a quick look in the wiki to now how).
    • Commands for certain events in game (see configurations).
    • ReJoin features for players (after leave while they're alive a villager will spawn).
    • Spectator system with variable inventory (configureable).
    • Different chat rooms (global, team and spectator).
    • Custom Golden Head crafting with heads.
    • Custom timers (lobby, grace, pvp, ingame, deathmatch, restart (configureable)).
    • UHC Run features.
    • Automatic server restart at end of game.
    • Many commands (e.g /start, /informations, /stats, /uhcadmin, /uhcsetup) (see wiki).
    • Automatic updating config file.
    • Permissions system.
    • Loot/drop configurations.
    • Custom chat formating.
    • Custom scoreboard placeholders.
    • Ranking NPCs (check wiki).
    • Custom biomes (no Oceans!).
    • Team auto fill in certain scenarios.
    • Titles & Actionsbars.
    • Soup heal (configureable).
    • Holograms with informations.
    • Create new crafting recipes (see configuration wiki).
    • Crate system to draw new kits (see configuration wiki).
    • Back to lobby item (configureable).
    • Nice developer with good support.

    Thank you! :saint:

  • Roman

    Closed the thread.