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  • Dear Aternos Team,

    Can you please consider adding the following plugin?

    Plugin name: Denizen
    Plugin link: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/denizen.21039/


    Denizen is a scripting tool compatible with Citizens 2 that enhances interactions between players and Citizens NPCs. It is an essential tool in creating server role playing systems.

    It is also acknowledged that this plugin was denied entry multiple times, primarily due to security concerns. Details of which is understandably not disclosed.

    ....However, it is speculated that the security concerns are primarily related to the plugin requiring script files, which cannot be uploaded. Script files can still be added individually via the inbuilt text editor. The guess is that this somehow allows the creation of "malicious script files" which could potentially exploit the server. But, the speculation could be wrong.

    I apologise if any shoes were stepped on with the speculation, as I personally have no expertise in the matter. It is understandable to avoid any security risks regarding plugins.

    Despite this, could you please reconsider the possibility of adding this plugin? It is a vital part of NPC scripts, and without it there is not any other alternatives for scripts for Citizens NPCs.

    Again, it's understandable to deny its addition if the plugin is too risky to be added.

    Thank you.

  • Roman

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