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  • Hello Aternos Team! i found a plugin called DupeProtect

    this plugin blocks many dupes and can be useful for some servers.

    Plugin Has:



    and more!

    its too long for me to type more info: DupeProtect



    there is tons of features on this plugin, it stops duping, custom inventory name u dont

    need to place the shulker. u can open in ur hand. (its not completely unplaceable) and

    author says its completely Free


    /bsb - Shows the version of the plugin.

    /bsb reload - Reloads the config.yml.


    bettershulkerboxes.*: Grants all permissions (Recommended for admins)

    bettershulkerboxes.use.*: Grants all permissions to just use the plugin (Recommended for users)

    bettershulkerboxes.use: Allows players to open shulkerboxes in both ways UNLESS rightclick_requires_permission is set to true

    bettershulkerboxes.use.rightclick: Allows players to open shulkerboxes by rightclicking them in the inventory (rightclick_requires_permission doesn't matter)

    bettershulkerboxes.bypasscooldown: Allows players to bypass the cooldown (Recommended for exclusive ranks)

    bettershulkerboxes.updatenotify: Allows players to receive notification about new versions and to use /bsb check. (Recommended for admins)

    bettershulkerboxes.reload: Allows players to reload the config. (Recommended for admins)

    Download + Preview Video

    Better Shulker Boxes preview: goes to youtube

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