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  • Hello Team Aternos, could you add this plugin I am sorry but I did not find a forum link just that of the download.A short time ago I did a Fallen Kingdoms on one of your servers and with my friends we wanted to make a Sky Defender but you don't yet have this plugin that a lot of people would like to have. I think adding it to your list will allow a lot of people to play it and they will love it thank you very much

    This plugin allows a team of defenders to start their adventure on a flying island and several solo enemies who can ally who are the attackers. The principle is a bit simple at the beginning no rules you are allowed to have the stuff you want you can go nether just no level 2 potions or notch apple. The goal for the defenders and to kill all the attackers and the attackers must kill all the defenders to recover a banner which is on the celestial island. The defenders have a teleporter to go up on their island and to go down but the attackers must go up with blocks or by their means. If all the attackers are dead the defenders win and if all the defenders die it is the first attackers to recover the banner which wins. They cannot recover the banner if all the defenders are not dead.

    If you want to better understand the rules look on the Internet for Sky Defender you will see that it is very well known in France. http://www.mediafire.com/file/…pt4zd6tr/plugins.rar/file

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