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  • Okay, I love this website, the ability to create servers and play with friends at zero cost is amazing. However, modpacks are broken. For starters, there is no option access config for mods, which makes zero sense. A mod allows for specific options in the configuration folder to allow for optimized game play, specifically with other mods. If I am unable to access those settings, then many conflicts may arise, especially as a modpack updates. The config should accessible to players, as they only provide settings already added by that mod, which Aternos monitors. If Aternos is already only allowing specific mods, then what is the point of blacklisting said mod's option. I have seen many other threads say that this is for "security reasons", however those reasons are never explained in detail and the only possible thing I could see is somebody downloads a virus via scripting in the config, but that makes no sense as, again, Aternos only allows curseforge mods and all they would have to do is remove the option to add a new file, and only allow editing of files already present. Also, many modpacks are completely broken. For example, Twitch modpacks are still called curse, which is outdated, there are little to few actual modpacks present under the curse modpacks, and many of the ones that are present are broken. For example,Foolcraft 3 doesn't have an option for the latest version, and Stoneblock and Spacecraft doesn't work based on a common advancement error present, which can be fixed using the config, but as stated earlier, can not be fixed due to inability to access the config settings. All in all, please fix the modpacks, and take this advice. Thank you for reading, love the website.

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    If you install mods on your server you are able to modify them.

    That's just not possible for ModPACKS. Modpacks come pre configured by the pack author and arent meant to be reconfigured. This has nothing to do with security reasons.

    If there is something wrong with the pack the author should fix that.

    Curse is not outdated, it is still the official name of the website ( and they have actually been sold to overwolf from twitch so twitch is outdated ;)

    We have quite a lot of packs in the curse section and when they are out of date that's usually because the author didn't release a new server pack or because that new server pack is broken. The first of those is the case for foolcraft 3.

  • Ok, that's fair, I was just salty because I had an error with multiple modpacks with advancements that I saw could be fixed in the config. Thanks for the reply.

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