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  • Laneox YT

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  • There is only (i think) two options to get back your world.

    1. Metioned by Roman "You can restore a backup on the backups page."


    2. By uploading you world to server.

    If it's not a first option

    then maybe you have downloaded your previous loads of world.

    Im always downloading a world after i did something big to my world. Accidents can happend every time.

    If non of those things is possible im sad to say it but there is no other option as far as i know.

    You can set "autosave" option to "on" so next time your save will be safe.

    Good Luck ! ~Jacob

  • If you don't have a backup then they can't do anything to restore your data back, sorry for that

  • Roman

    Closed the thread.