Genetic Animals

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  • Hello Aternos Team,

    can you please add the Mod "Genetic Animals "?

    Link to the mod:

    This mod adds real genetics, if you breed two animals together their offspring are a product of their parent's genes and each animal's variations in size, colour, shape, meat drops, leather drops, egg colours, wool production, milk production and more are determined by their genes rather than random chance. So anything you see you can breed for. Some animals even have new drops, increased drops or lose ones they would normally have. You can even recreate real life breeds and then cross them together to see the result, all breeds and cross breeds are possible with this mod. Animals in the wild will be more likely to have variations based on the biome they spawn in, so explore for more variety.

    Besides adding insanely in depth genetics we also have models that are a huge improvement over vanilla without breaking from the look of Minecraft, but are also dynamic in size, textures and models.

  • Roman

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