Server crashing with Roguelike Adventures and Dungeons v1.44

  • Am I the only one that's having issues with v1.44 or...

    My server started when v1.43 of R.A.D was on Aternos. They changed the version to 1.44 a day or two after i created the server. I was able to play once with v1.44, but every time i started the server after that it would crash. The first crash happened while i was playing. The next few times i tried running the server it wouldn't even start. The logs would say the server "took too long to start." I tried making a completely new server with a new world. The server started, but I didn't like the seed it gave so I regenerated the world. Now the server keeps crashing again. I think the newest version of the Roguelike Adventures and Dungeons modpack is causing the servers to freak out somehow.

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