[Major Plugin Request] Towny

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  • This will probably just get overlooked by the mods, but if you're reading this, please don't click off.

    I know that you're all more than happy to download towney, but you can't as the only way to get it is on GitHub, and no one had added a fork of it to the Spigot/Bukkit websites yet. All I'm asking is this: If you're not gonna download it off of the GitHub site, can I download it, make sure it's safe, THEN forward it to you? Listen, you added Geyser from a website that wasn't Spigot, Bukkit, or Magma, so can you at LEAST add in towny? It would make server SO much better.



    (link to download if you change your mind: https://github.com/TownyAdvanced/Towny)

  • Roman

    Closed the thread.