GeyserMC not working

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  • I have just updated my server to 1.17 from 1.16, and my friend on Bedrock tried to join, but got the following error message:

    has disconnected from remote Java server on address **.**.**.** because of java.lang.IllegalStateException: Cannot reply to EncryptionRequestPacket without profile and access token."

    My friend is using the plugin 'GeyserMC' to join my server (which is a Spigot/Bukkit Java Server).

    The plugins that I use are:

    - Chairs

    - Essentials

    - GeyserMC (which was included with Floodgate in the download)

    - ImageOnMap

    - LuckPerms

    - OpenInv

    - SkinsRestorer

    - ThrowableFireballs

    - Vault

    - WorldEdit

    This is the logs with the error (of which is on Line 413):

    The GeyserMC dump is below:

    I am not very sure for this error as I am not very experienced with Minecraft servers. I have provided the GeyserMC dump above so you can see if I should change anything in my config. I hope you get back to me! :)

  • "We are aware that Floodgate does not currently work on Spigot 1.17. This is due to some changes that were done in regards to NMS, however if you run Floodgate on a proxy such as Velocity, this does not affect you. For the time being we recommend keeping your server on 1.16.5 and running ViaVersion as Spigot is still ironing out some fairly major bugs, but we anticipate to have this fixed shortly" - announcement on the geyser discord.

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