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  • I know ads kinda fund Aternos but it's gotten to the point that I have a popup ad on the top, bottom, right and a video in the corner 8| . So, I did what any kid using Brave Browser would do, turn ad blocker on. Big mistake. All ads were gone but I would constantly get this STUPID adblocker proof ad trying to guilt me for using an ad blocker :cursing: ! And when I look at how many ads and trackers blocked in the time I've signed up to the Aternos Forums and written this thread the ads and trackers blocked are 99+ <X

    Aternos, I plead you to lower the amount of ads on your page, they're really annoying and make me want to turn my adblocker on, which I know is bad as ads fund Aternos but the amount of ads is RIDICULOUS. Thank you.

  • The ads does not block or obstruct anything.

    To be honest, it's more annoying in YouTube how an ad will interrupt the video that you are watching. Be thankful that it doesn't obstruct or interrupt anything, all the ads are at the corner and shouldn't do any harm.

    I try to help people, but I have no experience with plugins nor Forge.
    If I am ever wrong, please do correct me. Also, have a nice day!

    If you want to check it out: YouTube

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