What is the best plugins to have on an smp?

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  • If your just going to play with friends here are my recommendations:

    - LaggClear II LaggClear is a pretty useful plugin and may help your server with lag

    - EssentialsX II EssentialsX is a must-have although EssentialsX is aimed at public servers its also great for servers for friends! It has performance enchancements and basically makes vanilla commands way better other than that it also adds its own custom commands

    - AuthMe II This is the litteral number 1 plugin if your server is cracked, without this people could log on to any person's account

    - Wild II This plugin is helpful for Survival Servers the plugin adds a /wild command which if you execute it teleports you to a random location where you can gather materials or make a home

    - HomePlus I Ever got lost and cant find your way home? Well this plugin is for you players can do /sethome to set their current location and /home to tp to that location

    - SimpleTPA I This plugin lets user do a command called /tpa which send a teleport request to other players. To use it do /tpa [Player name] then you have to wait until they accept the teleport request

    Thats all of my recommendation for standard SMP plugins, there are still more plugins i'd recommend but most of them are focused on 1 topic (For example: Economy)


    Economy Plugins

    These selection of plugins are only to be used if you want Economy on your SMP

    - Vault II This plugin is usually required to even have economy

    - Economy II This plugin is used as the "Money" provider you can do /bal to check how much money you have an /pay [Username] to give other people money

    - Auction House II This plugin is used to sell item's to people with money as the currency you can do /ah sell [Price] to sell the item your holding into the Auction House and do /ah to open the auction house

    - MoneyHunters II This plugin is used as a kinda "Job" plugin the more you do certain actions you get money its usually used to start up the economy

    - Lottery II As the name suggests it adds a lottery to the server, you can try testing your luck by buying lottery tickets to have a chance on winning the grand prize. This plugin is usually used for bigger server though

    And thats all for the economy plugin's recommendation ofcourse there are way more plugins to boost your economy but im afraid if i list them all this section would be way too long. Remember only use this part of the recommendation if you want economy in your server.


    Moderation Plugins

    If your just playing with friends you shouldnt really need this plugin but just in case you do want some sort of moderation then follow these suggestions

    - Advanced Ban II This plugin is used to carry out punishments you are able to ban people, mute, warn and even IP ban

    - LuckPerms II For moderation this plugin is a must if you would like to have "Staff" on your server it gives people certain permissions to do stuff

    - StaffChatReloaded II Ever needed to discuss something private with other staff members well you can discuss that in a private "StaffChat"

    - SuperVanish II If you think that somebody is doing something they arent suppose to you can pretend to leave the server and go invisible using the command /vanish

    - OpenInv II Ever think somebody took something they arent suppose to? With this plugin you are able to do /openinv [Username] to check their username or even /openender [Username] to check their ender-chest.

    - Staff+ II This plugin is used mainly for other staff commands such as /freeze and X-Ray Alerts

    Thats mostly my recommendation's for moderation plugins, as said before i cannot list every plugin that i recommend since it would just be too long of a message.


    Other Plugin's

    This section is used to recommend plugins that dont really match any other sections but still is still a recommended plugin nonetheless

    - ViaRewind, ViaBackwards and ViaVersion II All of these 3 plugins make your server compatible from version 1.8 until 1.17.1 making members able to join your server with other versions!

    - WorldEdit II This plugin is mainly used for large build but maybe somebody was griefing alot when their not supposed to and you dont have a backup well world edit will hopefully save the day!

    -WorldGuard II This plugin is a "add-on" of WorldEdit by using this plugin you are able to protect certain areas from building and placing blocks

    -DiscordSRV II This plugin is mainly if you have a discord server you are able to link your discord chat and minecraft chat making player in-game and players not in game able to talk together! Setting up this plugin will take some time though

    -NoPlugins II Ever wanted members NOT stealing your plugins well you can protect your plugins using NoPlugins when people without permission do /plugins they wont have access to it


    Well if you read everything thanks hope this helps alot it. This took me around 15 minutes to write anyways if you have any questions ill try my best to answer it lol

    Please note that some plugins might not be compatible with one and another and all of this is up to you!

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