Share Access for starting aternos server by public link

  • :aternos: Hi, Aternos Team last time I posted a suggestion about adding an auto start system but the idea didn't get liked so I got a new idea that fix all the problems of the original idea ok so,

    one of the main reasons I wanted this idea to be added so people could access my server without me giving them permission so, the new idea is instead of adding a autostart system idea is to add an option to create a public link that gives a access to whatever the server owner wants for people to have access without wasting the time to give access to everyone individually the scenario will go like this I opened my aternos server and clicked create a public link and I made it that anyone that will open the link will have only the access to open the server without me giving them the access . the thing that makes this idea good that because Aternos is depended on ads the public link website that the people will open will have ads that will help in ad revenue. at the end thank you for reading my message :) :aternos:

  • This makes the server prone to spam. Besides that, this would make it easy to bot it and spam the Aternos system through loading the page all the time.

    Additionally, please use the search function before making suggestions next time.

  • I think one thing that should be clear is that Aternos wasn't originally made for publicly hosted servers, more for a few friends to play on.

    Besides that, to create another one of such systems while a similar one already exists would be a waste of effort and simply not worth the benefit.

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