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  • Hello, I was curious about the suggestions system put in place, and was hoping to have the mod Better Nether Reforged added to Aternos. The mod is fairly new but is the only mod that adds Better Nether to Forge version of Minecraft. From what I can tell if the suggestion system rejects your request and you can't resubmit it twice, because it gives you the same response each time you resend it. So if it was summitted below the threshold required previously then it wont allow for it to pass through the next time. I figured if asked directly I could get some information on it. I was hoping to know what the minimum requirements were for the system so when or if I'm able to resend it I could make an official suggestion and have it pass though. I didn't know if suggesting to the forum directly is a reasonable thing to do so I thought I would see what I would need to do to summited though the suggestion system.

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  • Sorry, I also wanted to clarify that I wanted the mod "Better Nether Reforged" which allows you to play better nether on 1.16 forge. I wanted it for my server but when I tried to submit it via suggestions it blocked me for not enough popularity. I wasn't sure what qualifies as populator enough so I thought I would ask on the forums. since I last submitted it for approval it has amassed some downloads so I thought I would try and ask for approval again but it sent back the same answer. I was hoping by asking here I could get it approved or at least know when it should quallify for approval.