Core Protect can't access sqlite driver

  • I have a small survival SMP which needs Core Protect to stop people grieving but core protect has stopped working because No suitable driver found for jdbc:sqlite:plugins/CoreProtect/database.db. The full console log of the error is this at

    so then whenever I try to run /co I

    My plugins list is this CoreProtect, CosmicVaults, InvSeePlusPlus, LuckPerms, MuteManager, NoMobGriefing, SimpleTpa*, Sleep, SuperVanish, UltimateHomes, Warps, WorldEdit

    How can I fix this?

  • Share your log:
    1.) Go to your log on Aternos:
    2.) Click on the big blue "Share" button on the top right
    3.) Copy the link with (Ctrl + C or click on the "Copy" button)
    4.) Send the link here