Game constantly crashing while joining a server.

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  • Good morning.

    After continuously dealing with this problem, I have decided to come by and maybe try to get some help at these forums.

    See, upon trying to join an Aternos server me and my buddy play on, my game always crashes. And it's always this message that pops up along with the launcher:

    The game crashed whilst unexpected error
    Error: java.lang.ExceptionInInitializerError
    Exit Code: -1

    Here is the full crash report: crash-2021-11-28_13.05.49-client.txt

    I am running All Of Fabric 4 - 1.17.1 through CurseForge, and while I can load Singleplayer worlds, I crash during the load of a Multiplayer server. This has not always been the case though, but since these crash floods are occurring for the second time, I hope the folks here can help me out since it is a problem worth addressing.

    I've tried pretty much everything that's shown itself to me while desperately trying to find a solution - resetting the server (which only helped temporarily, and here I am yet again, crashing.), assigning more RAM to CurseForge, repairing the files, restarting my laptop, praying to the Heavens above, messing around with the code, but it has all lead to no good.

    If somebody knows what I could do, I'd appreciate that greatly.

  • Can you also share your client log:
    . Open your CurseForge Launcher and log in
    .Select the modpack you want.
    .On the right side of your screen, you'll be able to see an icon with three vertical dots. Click on it.
    4.Click on Open Folder(Once you click on it, you'll be redirected to the specified modpack's folder.)
    5.Open the logs folder. the "latest" or "latest.log" file with a text editor
    7.copy and paste the content of the file to
    8.send the link here


    I think this should be it.

    Actually this is the server log. I told you to share client log as mentioned above

  • Ig there is some issue with Modern-Industrialization-0.6.1.jar. Maybe try contacting the modpack author

  • Is there really nothing else I could do? As I said, I've no issues starting up a Singleplayer world. This seems to be an issue with the server itself.

    Aternos provides the modpacks 1:1 as provided by the modpack creator so if your facing an issue I doubt that it's with the server that's causing your client side minecraft to crash. You can try asking in the modpack author's discord as they would know better.

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