[Modpack Request] Medieval Minecraft [FABRIC] - 1.18

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    Medieval Minecraft [FABRIC] - 1.18

    Medieval Minecraft [FABRIC] - 1.18 is a Fabric Modpack made by xSharkieTV and LunaPixelStudios, the same people behind Better Minecraft. It focuses more on RPG and magic, added with the features of Better Minectaft.

    Technically, modpack has already been added to aternos, for which, I apologize for requesting this modpack. However, the 1.18 versions have not been added as of writing.

    Therefore, I request the respected Aternos admins to kindly add this modpack, or more accurately, update it, as it is very popular and moreover, it has already been allowed.

    Note: I had to fill out that it was not requested before otherwise it would not submit, although it has already been added. So, I am sorry for this unavoidable writing.

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