Origins Mod Pack Update | Changes and Buffs

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  • Modpack URL…rfs-and-buffs-to-original
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    This is an updated version of the Origins Mod a very popular mod used on several servers the most popular being the Origins SMP (created by Tommyinnit and Wilbur Soot). It has been updated with Buffs And Nerfs to most Origins all changes:

    - Full Iron Allowed (12 Armour Points - 15)
    - Water Damage Increase (2-5)
    - Ender Pearl Cooldown Increase (30-35)
    - Water Damage Increase (2-5)
    - No More Immunity To Hunger (Poison Immune Still)
    - Movement Speed Increase (0.2-0.75)
    - Has the same leap as the Elytrian
    - Aqua Wrath Added (Similar To Blazeborn Extra Dmg In Water)
    - Can Break Stone Now
    - Sprint Jump Velocity Value Changed (1.5-1.25)

    Unfortunately it doesn't have 10k downloads but it meets all other requirements and works very smoothly and clean out of the box. Please at least test it because I don't see much reason for the 10k downloads limit apart from malware. Which if you play test will realise that there is none.

    Many Thanks,

    Pengu :aternos: :)

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