Mobs not moving

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  • I play on a vanilla 1.18.1 server with some of my friends. When I logged on today, nobody else was online and I went to breed some animals. When I got to them, none of them were moving. I could still hit and feed them and they all still had collision, but they refused to move around or turn. They wouldn't breed either. The same applied to my friend's dogs and cats, as well as our villagers. I could trade with the villagers, but they wouldn't move and many of them slept in their beds and then never got up. Idk if this is happening with hostile mobs, I wasn't able to check.

    Server logs:

    Vanilla server log [#XPU66XJ] -

  • Alright I've investigated the situation a lot more and this is what I've found:

    1. Hostile mobs can spawn, idk why they didn't before

    2. The not-moving thing only applies to mobs that were generated prior to today. For example, the farm animals we've kept. On the other hand, a cat spawned by our trading hall was able to move around freely