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  • I can't jump or auto-jump in my forge aternos server.

    I don't know how to fix it. I tried restarting the server, shutting it down then booting it up, re-uploading the world. I don't know what to do. It's really frustrating considering 50% of gameplay requires jumping. Same goes for anyone else on my server. Please help

  • openterraingenerator, applecore, aquaculture, autoreglib, betterwithlib, betterwithmods, bibliocraft, biomebundle, biomesoplenty, chisel, connectedtexturesmod, cookingforblockheads, craftTweaker, fastleafdecay, foodexpansion, forgelin, crayfish furniture mod, futuremc, hardcorebuoyancy, justenoughitems, mantle, pams harvestcraft, quark, reliquary, rustic, simplytea, tinkers construct, tropicraft, vanillafoodpantry, waystones, and xl food mod.

  • these issues were happening yesterday before i downloaded reliquary, rustic, waystones, xlfoodmod, vanilla food pantry, simply tea and fast leaf decay. i installed those today

  • Try to remove a mod one by one and restart and join your server each time a mod is removed. Do this until you find the mod that is causing the problem.

    Before you do this, set "offline-mode" to true in the Options tab. Then join on a TLauncher alt and try to jump. If it allows you to jump on that account, go to the world folder and go to the player data folder and delete your own player data. Then start the server and check if the issue is resolved.