Only one player being able to play?

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  • Hey guys
    So about two weeks ago my friend and I have made a server for us to play. Everything was working fine, until yesterday's evening. When she logged off, it started to kick me out of the server, (I still wanted to play, so I stayed). Jump to today's morning, she boots up the server, joins it just fine, but when i join, everything freezes on "Connecting to server". After some time, i get the "Timed out" message, and at the same time it kicks her out of the server. After all that, none of us can join. The same thing happens when i join the server first. I can play just fine, until she joins. Then it kicks me out, and none of us can join.
    The wierd thing also, is that after it kicks us out, it still shows that the person who joined 1st, still is on the server. The counter is 1/20, and it shows the nickname of the person that joined 1st.
    I made a second server, to see if theres something wrong happening with aternos, or is it the server's fault, and on that server everything worked fine.
    Any ideas on how we can solve this problem? We really don't want to lose that server.

  • Share your log:

    1.) Go to your log on Aternos:

    2.) Click on the big blue "Share" button on the top right

    3.) Copy the link with (Ctrl + C or click on the "Copy" button)

    4.) Send the link here.

  • I can only see one person join in the log and I see your using Vanilla so can you try using papermc. Before switching to PaperMC keep a backup of your world