Them Afterlife Things

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    This Modpack is based on the afterlife SMP and I want to make a SMP for my friends because we think its cool!

    Everything about one of us humans has a purpose a life to fulfill and this is the awesome Example of that.

    Like everyone else you should add it.

    Video Link:

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    the modpack creator is DAQEM, and their other modpack ( x life ) is already in aternos

    The one main reason I made another Suggestion is so that it actually becomes recognized for what it is. Usually The Origins Mod sucks but this sorta makes it interesting and fun. I like the voice chat and this will be cool to make for my friends!

    I don't know why you haven't already added it MANY people have already suggested this be added and its gaining popularity?

    Do you just want to wait and watch us suffer as the official modpack comes out? You can just replace this one with the official modpack in the future and spare us the pain of waiting!

    Or are you just ignoring us because you think its hilarious?

    I am just tired of waiting please add this so everyone can just use this on aternos your service is awesome and great why are you waiting for this?

    I think I have made my point with my long rambling speech about this modpack.

    Thanks, Me

  • Julian

    Closed the thread.