Can you please add the mod packcalled Shattered Ring

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    Hello can you please add the mod pack Shattered ring from curse forge I checked and it seems to meet the requirements to be added to aternos

    And if this mod pack has already been declined or been suggested and is in the works of being added I am sorry for wasting your time.

    Shattered Ring is a mod pack inspired by the hit game Elden Ring. Featuring an all new combat system, dozens of new intimidating enemies, and hundreds of points of interest to discover. Many of the systems you have come to understand in Minecraft have been overhauled. An all new challenge awaits.

    Revamped combat that will test your abilities

    Dozens of additional deadly foes

    A brand new world generator, filled with incredible locations

    Unique and interesting loot to uncover

    Revamped gameplay systems

    And much more!

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