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  • basically I've been using aternos for a long time now, maybe quite a few years and I've always loved the host even when there was a huge long queue to open a server and the plugins were limited to 20, over time I followed the evolution of aternos but another thing that evolved was minecraft itself which started to become a problem for aternos, my friends and I always used to play modpacks, before the host was very good but the mods were updating, minecraft, modpacks, everything updated and now one simple modpack of 20 mods is becoming a problem for those who use aternos basically forcing them to abandon this incredible host to have a local server using things like Hamachi and Radmin, so seeing that I decided to look for the suggestion site and give my suggestion, a increase in the potential of hosts in aternos, that would be enough for us to simply be able to use mods and have fun with our friends without connection problems due to the fact to build a small automated wheat farm.

  • If you are pointing towards performance issues with 20 mods plus - there are plenty of servers that run fine with double, or even triple that. The issue here does not always lie with what Aternos allocates. If there is a modpack that crashes because it's too heavy please do inform us on the forums or [email protected] of course.

    WIth mods seperately however, it can often also be mods conflicting, or many of the mods installed being rather heavy. Installing mods while keeping your server's performance working well can be a tedious job sometimes, but it's possible - you just need to make sure you install mods that aren't too heavy in combination with others are conflict with each other. But that's just two minor issues that can occur, there are many issues that can occur with mods.

    But that's after all why we have logs that provide information necessary, especially on crashes. Aternos is still a free, limited host. It can not allocate more RAM to all forge servers just due to something that is easily caused by the mods itself.

  • well the performance problems that I'm pointing out are not general, but in the most recent versions such as 1.16.5, this version by itself is already heavy, even vanilla for some computers, my pc is a medium-sized PC and versions like 1.16.5 vanilla runs with difficulty if you have low ram and generally modpacks need to use 4gb upwards to work, another example is 1.18 that doesn't even run on my pc with ram below 2gb vanilla and even with optifine in the minimum graphics it would be a problem to create modpack for the server but if it is not possible to have some increase in the performance of the servers in terms of memory or cpu of the server could add a search filter for the mods and an option to filter by "performance improvement" to simply we can find some mods that can solve some server performance problems and also filters could help a lot to search for mods that names don't appear when full search but the look like when half search.

  • could add a search filter for the mods and an option to filter by "performance improvement" to simply we can find some mods that can solve some server performance problems

    I don't think there is any need to that. You can take a look at https://github.com/NordicGamerFE/usefulmods for performance mods. Most of the performance mods in the github page are there on aternos