Could you please add the modpack "Vault Hunters"? It was made by Iskall85 and me and my friend really enjoy it though we can't make a server for it

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    **PLEASE NOTE: CURRENTLY IN OPEN BETA** Vault Hunters is a massive RPG focused modpack, allowing the player to develop their own talents and abilities. It features over 2 billion different items in combination that can be looted inside the mysterious and dangerous Vaults. These items are armors and weapons and idols (totems), that boost the player's different attributes and stats. The end goal of the pack is to collect 25 unique artifacts, and forge them together to access the final vault. Vault Hunters can be played in Multiplayer and have several coop elements, including vault running. For more information about Vault Hunters, we recommend checking out our website:


    This is the pack played by the official Vault Hunters SMP on Twitch, where CaptainSparklez, iskall85, hbomb94, Stressmonster101, and AntonioAsh set out on a 90-day journey to collect 16 unique artifacts from the depths of The Vault!

    Now it is time to embark on your own adventure... Race against the clock while inside The Vault, fighting your way through increasingly challenging mobs, hunting for incredible loot, and confronting unique bosses.

    **As you survive each trip into The Vault you will level up and gain the skills needed to unlock abilities... **

    Are you up to the challenge? Can you make it out of The Vault alive and collect all 16 artifacts?

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