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  • you probably saw this from that:

    And remember, you cant avoid toxicity, as you cant avoid dumb people. :)

    i be dumb a lots

    • Okay no.

      You're not dumb.

    • it took me 10 mins to add a RAM stick to my PC.


  • New profile logo and cover photo! Like it?? :D

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  • I changed my username from ReNicx to Nicxdown. Have a nice day!

  • Best profile logo + best profile cover photo. Just, just dont ask anything about it ok?

    Btw coming soon:

    Also dont ask anything about this server name...

  • Btw (good if y r reading this) why can i set my players limit TO 100 ?

  • Yeyyyy! I now have a like! Thank your Joshy for like-ing my post!

    (Also noone will read this...)

  • The best profile logo. Do not ask anything about it.

    Good job if you readed this. 100% noone will read this, ecxept me.

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