[Guide] How to restore player data from world

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  • You might find that your progress has been lost, on a world you have played before.
    You may have lost your progress due to changing your name in a Cracked server, or
    after uploading a singleplayer world unto the server.

    Here are the steps on restoring your previous playerdata (given that you have full access to the server):

    First, take note of your current of your current UUID. A UUID looks like this:
    To get your UUID, join the server, then check your console. Your UUID appears alongside your join message. Copy it, and paste it on a text editor.

    Second, turn off your server and navigate to your world folder in Aternos Files. Go to the playerdata folder.
    From here, look for a .dat file that has your previous (or your current) name alongside it, but with a UUID different than the one you just copied. If you find it, download it by clicking on the blue download button alongside it.
    (Tip: if there are many files, you can search for them using CTRL+F)

    Rename the file you just downloaded with the UUID you copied. Make sure to keep the .dat file extension.
    After that, click on the upload button inside the playerdata folder. The upload button looks like this:

    A replace confirmation dialog will appear if you followed the previous instructions correctly. Click on Yes.

    We should be done here. The next time you join, you will have your previous location, state, levels, items and your enderchest inventory.

    However, not everything can be restored: Your pets will forget you, your Villagers will forget you, you will lose your previous OP status (if any), you will lose your whitelist status (if any), and every other thing that uses UUIDs to remember you, will forget you.

    Buy the game and avoid hosting Cracked servers. If your world was not previously a Singleplayer world, you will never have to restore your playerdata like this.

    Every Minecraft account has its own UUID, and does not change even after you change your name in minecraft.net

    In contrast, cracked servers assign random UUIDs to players on the first time they join with a unique username. Piracy players will lose their previous progress when changing their name.

    mods are weird, hard to work with, and will have conflicts

    - bukkit gang

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