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  • Hello! I have been having problems for a year now. So me and my friends want to make a Server which has a Earth Map. We want to use it as a kind of SMP server. We cannot keep paying for our servers, And we enjoy the Experience on Aternos. Now I have put in the Earth Map File into the world folder. But it does not work. At some point it stops the generation when I get into the World and it just starts generating a normal minecraft world, Is there any way to fix this? I cannot provide Screenshots for they are too big, but Here is the explanation. I spawn in Monaco, I go west to travel to France or North America. But when I don't even leave Monaco the Ocean has a gap with the right side being lower than the left by one block (Basically dividing the World into the Earth Map and the Generated Minecraft map) Can someone please help with this?

    And also Useful to the post and to those who are reading it, I was using the Terrarium mod to Generate the World "It's a Generation Mod which allows you to choose Meters per Block, Height etc. So I do not know if maybe the problem was with a map but I generated more than 10 different maps and each single one had this problem.

  • Yep that is exactly what I did, And it did not work. And by the way I think it might be related to the Terrarium Mod. So if you do not know its basically a Earth World Generator and You need Internet to play it.

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  • It is a Great Idea but we cannot make it work, We have already tried to do this before but it did not work as well. Wait what does this have to do with what I am having problems with