Whenever someone dies in my server they aren't considered a player anymore

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  • So in my server, when someone joins, their curios slots stop working for some reason along with their backpacks (from the Traveler's Backpacks mod), and we usually solved this by doing the /kill command on ourselves, since for some reason it would then fix the problem. But today when I hopped on the server I encountered multiple bugs. The first bug is that whenever I did the /kill command on myself and I respawn, it would not load in my inventory except for my armor until I click on the Curio Slots button. The second bug is instead of fixing the bug where the Curio Slots wouldn't appear, it stayed exactly the same. The third bug is when I try to do any command on myself such as /kill, it would say "Entity not found". The final bug is that if I go to the Aternos website and look at the amount of players in the server, the person who died would not be counted as a player even though they are in the server.

    I didn't add mods right before this glitch started happening, the glitch popped up 1 whole months after I added The Better Combat Mod. The bug only appeared recently.

    The version of the game is 1.16.5 Mohist

    These are the logs: