OPs crashing modded aternos server 1.19.2 (43.2.3)

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  • On our server, we have 3 people. One with OPs, and two without. The two without OPs got in to the server just fine, no lag or other issues of any kind. The person with OPs crashed every single time loading up the server. They could join single player worlds just fine, and other servers like Hypixel. When we took off OPs, the issue was solved and we could all get on the server. We tried it so that we all have OPs, and we all got the same error message in the image attached.

    I mean, ideally we would prefer to have OPs on? Is this an issue in aternos 1.19.2, or are we doing something wrong on our side? Is there something we can do to fix it?

    Someone please help, I'm like really confused :/

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