Why does my server keep reducing its tps and causing lag? whats the cause of it? Pls help me.

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  • My server keeps having low tps everytime the server started. the tps is reducing over time. idk why. Btw if u need log here is it: https://mclo.gs/VjJpR6a

    And my plugins:

    Plugins (58): AdvancedRegionMarket, AntiBotAttack*, AntiPluginLookUp*, AureliumMobs, AureliumSkills, AuthMe, BedHome, BedrockPlayerManager, BetterSleeping3, BetterTeams, ClearLag, CraftEnhance, CrazyCrates, DecoHeads*, DiscordMC*, EconomyShopGUI, Essentials, Essentials_WarpGUI, EssentialsDiscord, EssentialsSpawn, ExoticGarden, ExtraHeads, FarmProtect*, floodgate, Geyser-Spigot, GeyserSkinManager, GriefPrevention, ImageOnMap, InventoryRollback, ItemEdit, ItemTag, MarriageMaster, PhantomEconomy, PlayerKits, PlayerParticles, PowerRanks, PrivateChests*, ProtocolLib, Realistic-Swimming, SafeTrade, SerialKey, Shopkeepers, SilkTouchHands, SkinsRestorer, Skulls, Slimefun, SoulJars, StickyLocks, Tablist, TrollBoss, UltimateChairs, Vault, ViaBackwards, ViaRewind, ViaVersion, ViaVersionStatus, WorldEdit, WorldGuard

    Hope you can help me, thank you