I can't join a friend server after the server saved

  • This server is in 1.12.2 version with some mods. The thing is. I was playing as usual and the server started to saved and it closed in order to do that. After my friend opened the server again. I only can play like 10-20 seconds before it kicks me out saying: "Internal Exception: java.io.IOException: An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host" I've tried playing with other accounts and restarting my router but nothing works. I also have watched a lot of tutorials to somehow fix this problem but still nothing works. I really need a solution or at least something that let me play a little more

  • Make sure you have the same mods in the exact same versions on your client and server.

    Share your client log

    1. open your minecraft installation path

    (enter %appdata%/.minecraft in the file explorer )

    2. open the logs folder

    3. open the "latest" or "latest.log" file with a text editor

    4. copy and paste the content of the file to https://mclo.gs/

    5. send the link here