Player Connectivity Issue

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  • Problem: Player cannot connect to a modded Aternos server while Host can.

    Preferred Solution: Play on the server together with mods using the Aternos IP to connect.

    Key Points:

    • Server is 1.16.5, Forge is 1.16.5 (36.2.34), Java is version 8
    • This server is a modded server
    • There is no alternate Minecraft launcher used, only Java Edition and strictly on computer (aka no TLauncher, Bedrock, etc.) The launchers are official, nothing is cracked.
    • Server runs with no exceptional errors
    • Host (me) and Player match mods, mod versions, Forge version, and Minecraft version to a tee. There is no mismatch errors
    • Player has attempted both the IP and the DynIP
    • Player has a custom PC he built, there are no firewalls or antiviruses that would prevent connection
    • Player has exceptional internet
    • Player has both an IPv4 and an IPv6, and (I think) a dynamic IP
    • Java Check is deleted
    • Minecraft Launcher and computers are up-to-date
    • Microsoft command prompts to "flush DNS" have not been used, and the articles on it state this only works once. We need a permanent solution
    • Logs on Aternos do not show Player

    We at first had our own server using the files provided on the Minecraft website. We used his computer to operate the server since it was more powerful. Despite the server running and him being able to get on, I could not connect. I tried every IP address he had to test but it refused to acknowledge it. This was attempted both in the same house and in a different state. In determination, I created an Aternos account and server, feeling confident that this would work. Of course it hasn't. Instead of me not connecting, now it's him. When inputting the IP, whilst adding sever, the server in the dropdown list had the error "Cannot connect to server" under the server name. When trying the DynIP the error said "Can't resolve hostname." Please help, we are exhausted and just want to play Minecraft together.

    *Please don't ask for screenshots or logs. I provided the error messages, and the logs do not provide any other information as they don't show him connecting. His logs do not provide helpful information either.

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