Aternos-Tebex Proposal: A Win-Win for Both Sides

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  • Greetings, Aternos team and respected community members.

    I would like to propose a suggestion that may enhance the financial aspect of Aternos (and benefit the players involved). Although Exaroton exists, not many people have enough money to keep their servers up and running actively. That's why my proposal could be a sort of kickstarter for switching from Aternos to Exaroton.

    With appropriate implementation, the service could potentially feature tiered options, including a low-cost option for small network servers that would allow the majority of players to have the very core basics. For larger servers, the cost could be higher.

    In addition, the tiers could be based on server size, with a daily count of players over a short span of time used to determine the server size.

    Furthermore, as part of this membership, you would be granted the option to install the Tebex (also known as BuyMC) plugin. It seems like a great and balanced idea to me since you will make money and in return, Aternos will also benefit financially.

    If people, however, do not want to switch from Aternos to Exaroton, that's their decision. But the thing is, they will still be benefiting Aternos by paying the proposed membership fee.

    I sincerely hope that my suggestion resonates with you and is taken into thoughtful consideration. :aternos:

  • Aternos will not in any way change their business model. Free, forever. We do not intend to use Aternos to promote exaroton either, they're both completely financially independent from each other.

  • I understand and appreciate your perspective.

    While my proposal was centered around the idea of a subscription-based service, I acknowledge that it may not be the best fit for Aternos' business model. However, I still believe that incorporating Tebex behind a paywall would be a beneficial decision.

    It doesn't necessarily have to be a visible or prominent feature, but rather a potential option for those who may be interested in it.

    Ultimately, I respect the stance on remaining a free service and promoting financial independence between themselves and exaroton.

    (If the thread gets closed after this reply, thank you for taking the time to consider my suggestion.)