Server AFK time

  • Hello :aternos: Aternos team and members of the forum, I would like to talk about the server afk time, So i know many people; Not just me have encountered this, but we all know that the server says "setting server idle time to 10 min." well when i go afk i get kicked within 2 minuets, i would like to ask if aternos could add the AFK command to all aternos servers. we all know what the AFK command is, it allows the player to go AFK for as long as they like, this command would be supper handy for me since i go to school, i have to switch classes while i play and in between classes i get kicked, because we aren't allowed to have our computers open in the halls, and as you all know the server shuts off if no one is on it for two minuets. Thanks For Listening.

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    Our systems uses the minecraft internal afk system and resets this always back to 10 minutes. If you get kicked for being afk after two minutes you have plugin or something other added to your server which kicks you after 2 minutes.

    The main goal of the afk kick system is to prevent that servers where no one plays are wasting our resources.
    If we wouldn't have such a system we would have a much longer queue.