Aternos Server Resets Personal Texture Pack(s)

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    Hello there! I have an Aternos server and I use the Compliance 1.19 Texture Pack (I like the new things as they are). I have modified the texture pack for my personal use only. As you might know, Featured servers allow texture packs. But when I join Aternos, while I am joining the server and on the server, my texture pack resets to the default texture. But when I leave the server, The texture pack loads again into the Compliance Texture Pack. This issue has been in 1.19 (Since I started using the Texture Pack). I thought everything will be fine in 1.20 but it's still the same. There are no server log errors and No in-game log errors to when I checked in The Creator settings. I tried putting the texture pack on the server in the packs folder but still it was the default texture pack. What can I do? It's not a hassle for me but If any players join my server and have a texture pack (except those annoying cheaters) it could be a hassle for them. Please help. Does anyone else have this problem? :(