Editing Mod Config Files

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  • Hello,

    Recently I have been making a modded server for my friends and I, and I ran into this issue today. I wanted to change a mod and some of its configurations, but I didn't see a way to actually edit the file itself. The configuration of the mod itself is a folder with two dot (.) files inside, but the dot files are not able to be edited. Is there some way to work around this to where I can make the changes I want to the mod?

    Things I've tried:

    • Downloading the dot file and then editing it so I could upload the new edited file. But I was not able to due to Aternos not letting me upload dot files. ?(
    • I noticed some other configs of other mods in .toml or .json files, so I tried converting the dot file to .toml first. Instead of using the .toml file when I loaded the world, it created new dot files of the original configs. When attempting to name it as a .json file, the same thing happened.
    • Made folders of the dot file names, which are "bagLootrate" and "enableRelics" and put the .toml or .json files inside those. It didn't work (but honestly I didn't really expect that to work).

    I feel like there is a way to do this, but I am just missing it. And all other Mod configuration forums I've looked at are people confused on where to find the configs folder, which is no help in the slightest.

    Any ideas???? please???