No Spawns (Mob,Animal,NPC) (Pocketmine 3.6.1) (Bedrock Edition)

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  • As the title says. Nothing Spawns. I have tried using eggs; Doesn't work. Even when I place spawners, they don't have the default pig or any other animal/mob inside. (And nothing spawns)


    Software: Pocketmine 3.6.1

    Game: 1.9.x

    Plugins: Chestshop, EconomyAPI, Oregen, Skyblock.

    Options: everything is checked except whitelist, pvp, force gamemode

    It's a 5 player skyblock server. Me and some friends play on. Before I was using the default mcpe server software. And that had normal mob spawns.

    Things I've tried:

    1.Restarting Server

    2.Checking options (both on and off and trying it)

    3.Using /gamerule doMobSpawning (says use /help to see list of commands)






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