[Modpack Request] WOTRMC (Technic with LOTRMod)

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  • Dear Aternos staff,

    Could you please add the following LOTRmod focussed technic modpack for MC 1.7.10 to your approved list? WOTRMC

    This pack was created by SlayingSlayer for his popular server War of the Ring MC. It has been used, and is in use, a lot (downloaded over 4000 times). We have cooperated in past few weeks to ensure the accompanying server modpack is fit for purpose to set up LOTRmod focussed servers with adequate server management tools and a nice set of additional mods that enhance the LOTRmod experience in various ways. As you must have noticed by the numerous requests you already have processed in this section, there is wide support among Aternos users for Aternos to provide either the LOTRmod or a light weight modpack including that mod. At present, the only way for Aternos users to install the LOTRmod is by using the LOTRCircles modpack. However, that modpack is very server demanding and it includes quite a few mods that simply do not match with the gameplay and server experience most LOTRmod players and server owners wish to have. We believe many Aternos users and potential server owners would appreciate if Aternos would support a lighter, more LOTR focussed modpack like WOTRMC.

    The WOTRMC modpack is provided for use on both clients and servers and is maintained adequately. It is created to experience the LOTRMod for both experienced and unexperienced players. The server pack includes a few mods that allow server staff to adequately manage player access and interactions, specifically for immersive roleplay and building focussed communities. All included mods work well together. To ensure potential conflict of mod features and to prevent server owners being caught at unawares about some features, many features of both ForgeEssentials and the PvP Mode mod have been disabled by default in the server modpack configs.

    Client modpack

    The client modpack includes the following mods:

    • LOTRMod : Mother of all mods, creating a different MC game.
    • fastcraft : Optimizes client and server performance.
    • ArchimededShips : Ships!
    • ArmourersWorkshop : Custom Armour and mucho mas.
    • CustomNPCs : NPCs, factions and many more features to add to the LOTR roleplay world.
    • DragonMounts : Dragons, and they can be mounted!
    • MorePlayerModels : Enables players to morph into many of the LOTRmod's entities.
    • Journeymap : Map mod, especially handy for the massive world of Middle-earth.
    • CodeChickenCore and CodeChickenLib : Mods supporting NEI.
    • NotEnoughItems : Player utility mod.
    • neiRecipeHandlers and neiLotr : NEI for the LOTRMod.
    • BetterHUDbyNukeDuck : Player gui info.
    • Ambience, AnimationAPI, BetterLoadingScreen, CustomMainMenu, Optifine, ResourceLoader and WorldEditCuiFE : Nice to have for both players and server management.

    Recommended additonal mods clients can install are:

    • Emmaitar and neiEmmaitar : Custom images, usable when server supported.
    • Waila & Wawla : What am I / are we looking at?
    • bspkrsCore, ArmorStatusHUD and StatusEffectHUD : Player gui info.
    • BetterHorseHud : Player gui info.

    Server modpack

    The server modpack contains all of the mods included in the client modpack, excluding those that aren't needed/configured server side (Ambience, AnimationAPI, BetterHUDbyNukeDuck, BetterLoadingScreen, CustomMainMenu, ResourceLoader and WorldEditCuiFE), and including the following mods, all with their respective configuration files and libraries:

    • ModControl : Control allowance of mods by players on your server.
    • MobiusCore and Opis : Monitor server performance killers.
    • FastLeafDecay : Much player convenience, especially for mods adding massive trees.
    • ForgeEssentials : Essentials, for Forge, including WE and many more features.
    • joetater : Server tool to mark region files for reuse in case of a server reset (the LOTRmod world is massive).
    • PvP Mode : Adds tons of options for server staff to optimise pvp combat interaction.
    • SiegeMode : Allows creation of Siege/Battleground stages for server minigames and with customisable kits for players who join in.

    Possible additions under consideration:

    • Journeymap : When installed on server helps to manage player radar and cave mapping.
    • Emmaitar and neiEmmaitar : Server can support custom paintings, very nice for themed servers like LOTRMod based servers.

    We sincerely hope you will consider this request and decide to support usage of this modpack or Aternos servers.

    Thanks in advance & Cheers,

    GrungeGrumpy & SlayingSlayer

    The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn.

  • Excuse me? I don't understand what you're saying here. And honestly, last time, you weren't clear at all as well.

    People can easily download the server pack provided with the modpack and install a server based on that server pack. So, they can create their 'own' server as far as we can tell. What do you mean with 'no way to connect to the own server'? What is the 'own server' you refer to? Which server list are you talking about?

    This may be a language thing.

    The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn.

  • Ahhh, now I see, I think. So mod users seem to be limited to the official modpack server? I didn't even realise that this was the case. I'm usually the one creating servers and I do my own customisation, so I rarely sit in the steve player chair. Thanks. I'll ask SlayingSlayer to expand on the options there.

    The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn.

  • SlayingSlayer informed me he will fix the issue tonight (he is US based), so you can recheck this tomorrow german time.

    Please inform us if the server list button has to have any other “qualifications” that we don’t know about, so we can cover them as well.

    Thanks for keeping this open btw.

    The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn.

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  • SlayingSlayer adjusted the main menu that comes with the modpack. It should now look like this:


    The 'Find your Arda' button unlocks access to any MPS using the regular MPS GUI.

    The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn.

  • Roman

    Closed the thread.