Allow some spigot.yml parameters

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  • You say you don't want to give access to spigot.yml for security reasons. But not all of the parameters can hurt the server.

    I suggest that you add harmless settings to the Settings tab, or somewhere else. For example, you could allow view-distance (set a limit of 4-10 chunks for example), entity-tracking-range, entity-activation-range and some other settings. This would be very useful.

    If you don't, please give me your reasons

  • These settings all more or less directly influence the server performance, especially view range, so it's better to have them preset in our limited-resources-system. If you want further render range, use PaperMC, which I recommend over Spigot anyway

  • Plugins and mods also affect performance, but they are allowed because they are good in measure.

    You can sign parameters that are better left untouched if you don't know what you're doing. And also warn about possible lags. Or some parameters can only be accessed by link, as was the case with paper.yml and bukkit.yml.

    Personally, it would be helpful if I could increase the rendering distance of the entities. I'm willing to sacrifice server performance for that. But there's no way to change that.

  • Even if people were warned about possible lag, most probably they would just ignore the message and continue, just to complain about the inmense lag later.

    An example of this is that we keep receiving reports (on Discord support) that the server data is erased after they click Reinstall (yes, even with the inmense red warning, they do not read it at all). So I think that's not going to be a thing.

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