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  • That's not possible unless there's a software allowing that.

    Actually it could be possible to use Magma and install the mods on the server, and as it is Magma you can install plugins too, but there could be some disadvantages:

    1. As Magma is still on development, there could be a lot of crashes and some modpacks would not be compatible at all, and it could take some time to test if every modpack that has or will be added works on Magma or not.

    2. Modpacks by itself are really laggy and unstable, so letting users add plugins (and Magma) to the mix is not really an option.

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    Additionally we don't want that in general.

    We provide the modpacks in the same configuration as they are downloadable to the platforms.

    We won't modify them (Add/remove mods, switch software, change configurations etc.) in a way that was not intended by the creator of the pack

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